Sugawa Smart Cooker Di Kulai Sedenak Homestay.

ASPEK KESELAMATAN adalah perkara utama di Kulai Sedenak Homestay kami. Kebakaran akibat kecuaian manusia seringkali berlaku disebabkan faktor manusia seperti lupa dan seumpamanya. Justeru, pihak Pengurusan mengambil langkah proaktif sekalipun terpaksa mengeluarkan kos yang tinggi bagi memasang peralatan memasak berteknologi tinggi iaitu Sugawa Smart Cooker.
 Apabila berlaku situasi overheated, smart cooker ini secara automatik akan shut down. 
Ia juga auto shut down apabila dibiarkan selama 2 jam secara berterusan.  
SUGAWA SMARTCOOKER is a combination high technology of Germany and Japan, the two zone cooker adopts electromagnetic and infrared heating theory, controlled by micro-computer and touch screen sensor control system, there are multi-function that can meet various demands of cooking, they are the ideal product for the modern families, no frame and smoke, absolutely safe, save time and electricity, and cooks various type of delicious foods.
SUGAWA SMARTCOOKER is certified by the international electrical certify body CB, Malaysia SIRIM and Singapore SPRING. this product also insured with RM 100 Million product liability within the Southeast Asia region.
Two zone cooking surface adopt Schott glass from Germany, heat resistant up to 850 C and sudden cold applied, no easy to crack. Infrared heating also adopts EGO heater from Germany which came with intelligent auto controlling of heating power for electricity saving and not affect the cooking power.
SUGAWA SMARTCOOKER will enter into self–protection mode when cookware placed on it is overheated, or when input current is too high, the cooker will auto shut down if leave idle for two hours
In order to maintain the total power of two zone for family use, SUGAWA SMARTCOOKER adopts intellectual power distribution technology of which micro-computer can distribute total specified power to each cooker based on the requirement of each respective zone.    SmartCookerKulaiSHomestay Free Blog Calendar


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